MIC Customs Solutions in the starting blocks for Dutch AGS2

Globales Zollmanagement | News | Gestion de Dédouanement | Actualités | Customs Filing | News 23 October 2014

AGS2: The latest development

Dutch customs is working on creating a single new system for declarations: AGS - AanGifteSysteem. Once finished, it will replace several of the declaration systems (like DSI - Douane Sagitta Invoer for import declaration) presently used by customs.

The transition phase for AGS2 (import declaration) moves towards an end however, the last release of AGS2 shows the performance of the system still needs to be improved. Although the Customs authorities are doing their utmost to increase performance they have decided to postpone the mandatory connection to AGS2 for the submission of import declarations. Only when the reliability of the performance for AGS 2 is guaranteed they will start with the mandatory connection of importers. With new connections on AGS2 Customs are now equally reluctant.

Notwithstanding the current delay companies not having a GPA authorization will have to be aware that in the very near future they will have to declare their imports through AGS2.

MIC Customs Solutions is aware about this and in the starting blocks for AGS2.

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