Mexico tariff changes

Press Releases | Central Classification 7 May 2018

Release of an amendment and extension

Southfield, MI – Mexico will soon release an amendment to its Tariff (“TIGIE”) required to implement World Customs Organization's 6th Amendment to the HTS. Through this amendment, new tariff codes will be created and others will be eliminated due to obsolescence, new technology, or lack of use. In addition to the TIGIE changes, Mexico will also extend tariff codes to 10 digits, adding 2-digit "Statistical Codes" (Códigos Estadísticos) with a structure similar to the US Tariff. Importantly, Chapter 98, which is used for the "Rule 8th" (Regla Octava), will not be affected and will continue with only 8-digit tariff codes.

According to Mariana Ruiz, MIC's Manager of Regulatory Compliance for Mexico, the publication of the new tariff will proceed as follows: The Ministry of Economy will complete its review of public comments to the tariff changes and send its conclusions to Congress for approval. From there, Congress will publish the TIGIE in the Federal Official Daily ("DOF"). The new tariff codes, as well as the 10-digit statistical codes, will go into force following the publication of the TIGIE, precise timing to be specified at a later date.

"While these changes present a challenge for importers, because their goods will need to be reclassified to the new 10-digit tariff codes, MIC is prepared to help," says Dan Colosimo, MIC Project Manager and Mexico process owner. "MIC software already handles 10-digit tariff codes. All the documents, reports, and interfaces required by Mexican authorities will be updated and ready when the changes take effect. We can help our customers quickly re-classify their goods using classification rules, bulk changes, and other automation tools."

What's more, MIC now offers the Mexico Tariff as part of its growing Global Trade Content Service (GTCS). MIC customers that subscribe to GTCS enjoy tariff content that is automatically updated on a daily or weekly basis. The Mexico Tariff in GTCS will include the new statistical codes as soon as they are published.

Finally, MIC is proud to announce the opening of our new office in Mexico City, effective May 2, 2018. With a strong presence in Mexico, MIC is well-positioned for continued growth it sees in the Mexican market.


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