Implementation of MIC-CUST® Import & Export for a Swedish Automotive Manufacturer in Malaysia

News | Customs Filing 10 June 2020

Great news - MIC increased its footprint in the Asian region!

MIC successfully rolled-out MIC-CUST® Import & Export for a Swedish automotive manufacturer in Malaysia. We are more than pleased about this after having already successfully implemented the MIC Customs and Trade Compliance Software Solutions for this Swedish automotive manufacturer in China in 2018 & 2019.

With the roll-out of MIC-CUST® Import & Export for the Malaysian market we introduced a software solution that facilitates the automated creation of import and export declarations in Malaysia. Our customs filing software solution for Malaysia speeds up the management of all customs clearance processes and allows your company to automatically create reports to be sent to a local broker. Besides that, the software enables the check of quotas, the calculation of customs value as well as the automatic calculation of taxes and duties.

For the implementation of our Customs and Trade Compliance Software Solutions for Malaysia, certain national requirements such as specific duty exemption processes, licensing processes or declaration processes had to be considered as well. Customs processes no longer have to be handled manually. In contrary, the automatic creation of customs declarations helps users to be more efficient and to eliminate human error factors, which leads to an increased compliance and reduced costs.

MIC’s software solution MIC-CUST® enables our customers the efficient and transparent management of global customs processes and helps to save time and money.

About MIC:

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