Huge German home improvement store uses MIC software for customs tariff classification

Central Classification | News 24 July 2017

MIC is extremely pleased to announce that a well-known German home improvement store has become a new customer of MIC.

The company is the market leader in the German home improvement store sector and offers its customers about 60,000 diverse products. For instance, it provides tools for gardening, construction material, sanitary accessories as well as interior decoration. Moreover, they create a unique customer experience in their stores.

The concluded contract involves the implementation of MIC’s solution for improving the degree of automation of customs tariff classification (MIC CCS | CTC), which reduces the effort and minimizes the costs by simultaneously enhancing the compliance.

MIC is looking forward to a successful cooperation with this giant in the home improvement store sector!

About MIC:

MIC is the world leader in providing global customs and trade compliance software solutions. The MIC group currently employs over 270 professionals around the world. More than 700 international customers, many of whom are global players, rely on MIC’s customs and trade compliance solutions.

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