Go-live of MIC’s Origin Calculation and Central Customs Tariff Classification System at HILTI

News | Central Classification | Origin Calculation 10 January 2019

MIC’s global customs and trade compliance software solutions are now live at HILTI, the world's leading partner in the construction industry. The go-live of two MIC modules took place in November 2018.

HILTI is using MIC’s cloud-based solution (Software-as-a-Service). This enables a stronger focus on the core processes in their newly implemented SAP S/4HANA ERP system due to the added flexibility and reduced need for adjustments with regards to regular legal changes in the field of customs and trade compliance. Further, HILTI is benefitting of seamless integration between its SAP S/4HANA ERP system and MIC’s software solutions due to MIC’s standardized SAP S/4HANA interfaces allowing highly automated and compliant customs and trade processes.

In a first wave MIC has provided the following modules:

  • Origin Calculation System - OCS | CALC:
    MIC's solution for preferential origin calculation (MIC OCS | CALC) helps to fulfil a number of complex preferential origin rules for numerous free trade agreements by having full audit trails and to optimize the processes through increasing the automation level.
  • Central Customs Tariff Classification System - CCS | CTC:
    MIC's central customs tariff classification system (MIC CCS | CTC) enables an increased automation and audit trail for customs tariffing of products through rule-based and intelligent algorithms by taking regularly updated national customs tariffs into account.

The signed contract additionally includes the sub-module MIC OCS | SCS (Supply Chain Solicitation) that allows an intelligent and efficient management of suppliers for many free trade agreements worldwide via the MIC supplier web portal. The go-live of this sub-module will take place in 2019.

Both modules ensure increased compliance and enable additional financial savings as well as competitive advantages for HILTI.

About MIC:

MIC is the world leader in providing global customs and trade compliance software solutions. The MIC group currently employs over 330 professionals around the world. More than 700 international customers rely on MIC software products for their global customs and trade compliance management solutions.

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