Chemours live in Belgium and the Netherlands

News | Central Classification | Customs Filing | Origin Calculation 29 November 2017

Chemours, a world leader in titanium technologies, flour products, and chemical solutions joined MIC as new customer in February 2016. Today, Chemours benefits from MIC’s solutions to manage its customs and trade compliance processes e.g. for export customs filing, simplified inward processing relief and bonded warehouse in Belgium and the Netherlands but also the Dutch import process via AGS3 is covered - MIC-CUST®, the global customs filing module of MIC’s GTM platform, handles this.

Alongside the MIC-CUST® implementation, Chemours also introduced MIC’s Central Classification system CCS for accurate customs tariff classification in the Netherlands and Belgium providing the necessary customs tariff content in a user-friendly format. 

What are Chemours next steps?

Currently MIC OCS for origin calculation (CALC) and supplier solicitation (SCS) for multiple free trade agreements (FTAs) globally is in a testing phase and soon ready for the go-live. Additionally, there are plans for a new project in 2018/2019 to look for a global phased roll-out of the MIC-CUST® functionality and possible MIC EMCS, but the scope is not defined yet.

Besides, all of this is provided via MIC’s software as a service (SaaS) platform what does mean that MIC’s GTM solution is hosted at MIC’s data centers which causes you lower investment costs & offers pay per use.

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