Customs Clearance Software Solution for Portugal - STADA Export


National customs authority systems have special requirements referring to customs filing processes (e.g. country-specific electronic filing formats). Therefore, MIC aims to provide standardized customs compliance software solutions adaptable to country-specific customs filing requirements for the country of customs declaration.

With MIC-CUST® for Portugal, we are offering a standardized customs process management together with the country-specific customs filing components.

Take advantage of MIC's software solutions for Portugal, as they do not only ensure high cost and time savings, but also enable being up-to-date with the Portuguese customs requirements for the communication with STADA Export.

MIC’s customs clearance solutions for the Portuguese STADA Export procedure

The MIC-CUST® Export module for Portugal supports the direct electronic data exchange with the Portuguese customs administration's system STADA Export and facilitates the management of electronic export clearance processes. With this software solution it is possible to automatically create import customs declarations and calculate taxes and duties.

The implementation of MIC-CUST® Import for Portugal is planned for the business year 2020/2021. Our software module MIC-CUST® Import enables the automated creation of import declarations for Portugal and leads to increased import compliance.


Our software module MIC INTRA supports the automatic conversion of Intrastat dispatches of the dispatching country into country-specific declaration formats for Intrastat arrivals of the recipient country. This leads to a reduction of system interfaces as well as to a considerable minimization of manual interventions. With MIC INTRA we offer an efficient and economical solution for Intrastat declarations in Portugal.

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