Customs Clearance Solution for ATLAS Export, Import, ..

Since the country-specific electronic reporting formats differ greatly from one another, MIC offers a customs software solution that takes into account the differences between the individual customs systems. While the import and export management functions of MIC-CUST® are largely standardized, MIC-CUST® for ATLAS supports and simplifies the data exchange with German customs authorities and thus facilitates the import and export with ATLAS. MIC-CUST® for ATLAS enables the automated electronic customs clearance and monitoring of cross-border goods traffic to and from Germany.

ATLAS import

  • supports the release of non-Union goods into free circulation
  • supports a variety of ATLAS notifications, processes and procedures (summary declarations, free circulation, customs warehouse ...)
  • supports special customs procedures (e.g. customs warehouse, inward processing, outward processing ...)
  • enables the creation of predefined standard reports

ATLAS export AES

  • enables electronic export declarations to be submitted
  • enables the creation of further notifications (addendum to registration, additional registration, request for invalidity / cancellation, status request ...)
  • supports different types of declarations (for simple export declaration, export declaration for transfer to customs / economic outward processing, subsequent export declaration ...)
  • supports various processes (e.g. transfer to the export procedure, completion of the export procedure, subsequent declarations ...)
  • supports special customs procedures (e.g. customs warehouse, inward processing, outward processing)

Additional information

MIC's customs clearance solution MIC-CUST® supports the direct electronic data exchange for customs clearance with the German customs administration's system ATLAS in fact with the automated export system ATLAS AES and for all other simplified customs procedures:

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