How AI/ML based classification can help you in the complex World of Customs Tariffs and Export Control Classifications!

Webinar 19 June 2024

4 PM CET / 3 PM GMT / 10 AM EST / 7 AM PST

Many IT trends have found their way into global trade management. Data analytics, big data, predictive analysis, software as a service, risk-based security, data visualization, gamification, blockchain and many more – just to name some buzzwords. 

They provide potential use-cases for customs and trade compliance like simulation of sourcing variants or FTA qualifications, management dashboards, task-centred work, wizards, collaboration functions, automation of manual activities.

In this webinar we want to focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), another 2 well known IT trends in global trade management, with use cases for AI/ML based customs tariffs and export control classifications. MIC conducts active research and development since several years in this area.

Our experts Martin Boehm (Sales Manager EMEA) and Maximilian Sandberger (Data Scientist) will guide you through this webinar, giving you insights of MIC’s developements in the area of AI/ML based customs tariff classifications including a live demo.

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