17e édition du Colloque Douanier Européen

Events 20 - 21 November 2024 | Marseille, Frankreich


MIC is among the sponsors of the 17th "Colloque Douanier Européen de l'ODASCE" which is going to take place in Marseille, France.

The 2 days of the Colloquium are:

  • Thematic round tables in plenary session for a shared perspective between administrations and operators
  • Reflection workshops to express and debate on 4 topics and draw summaries presented in plenary session
  • An interaction of the participants throughout the conference via the Sli.do application
  • Recommendations to raise awareness among administrations and improve business life
  • A gala dinner allowing participants and speakers to develop meetings and exchanges in a festive and friendly atmosphere

We are looking forward to meeting you at this event.

Link to the event!