Software as a Service (SaaS) since 2009

News | Actualités 15 février 2010

Benefit from our new Business Model

Numerous enterprises nowadays are pursuing a strategy of outsourcing activities that are not directly linked to their main business (e.g. IT, customs, …). Companies want to focus on their core competences and are therefore exploiting the advantages of outsourcing – keyword ‘Software as a Service’.

Since 2009 MIC is offering this attractive business model on the market. Operative customs clearance (managed services), support, maintenance, IT-operations (incl. IT-hosting and monitoring), communication with authorities and of course the customs software are all provided by MIC, which itself uses the services of competent partners.

The advantages are obvious. Our clients are saving investment costs for IT- infrastructure and do not need to take care of the operation of the application, maintenance, backup or the operative customs clearance. Nonetheless, you, as a client, always have the option to access all applications and control all operations. Optionally clients can also operate the entire process themselves. Clients, such as Ford Europe, Syngenta or Scania already rely on the MIC SaaS solution and hence, also on efficient cost control - with ‘Pay per Use’ you always have your costs under control.

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