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Product Tariff & Export Control Classification System - MIC CCS

MIC CCS (Central Classification System) helps companies precisely classify products to conform to multi-national customs tariff schedules as well as export control lists while cutting down on costs and workload through automated product classification.

The software simplifies the designation, validation and assignment of the classification and makes all content information available in a user-friendly format. Our software permits clear and easy control of the entire customs tariff & export control classification process on a global level.     

This gives you the green light for ...

  • Worldwide customs product master data store, integrated with multiple ERP systems
  • Classification and validation of goods using current national customs tariffs & export control commodity lists
  • Manual, semi- or fully automated assignment of product tariff & export control classification for several countries
  • Automatic product tariff & export control classification based on user-validated selection and matching rules (configurable matching algorithm)
  • Suggestion system for product tariff & export control classification due to matching algorithms
  • Efficient transnational batch re-assignment of tariffs & export control classification numbers (ECCN) of multiple items (e.g. mass classifications due to global changes in tariffs and export control lists)
  • Simple product tariff & export control classification based on decision trees
  • Product classification for a new country based on that of another country (horizontal tariff / ECCN assignment)
  • Web access to global tariff & export control classification databases (internet, intranet) 
  • Integration with MIC’s Global Trade Content Service (GTCS) for 150+ countries including interfaces to preferred national and transnational sources for tariffs and export control lists (Mendel Verlag, national authorities and others)
  • Complete audit trail, including classification history, for each product

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Phone: +43 (0)732 778496

US Offices
Gianluca Romano
Phone: +1 (248) 304 4460


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