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The basis for a compliant, reliable and efficient FTA process is a precise calculation of origin. The MIC Origin Calculation System (OCS) delivers this.

It provides you with the tools to solicit and store origin data from suppliers (supplier solicitation) and to calculate origin for manufactured products. MIC OCS can store and process rules of origin for an unlimited number of unique free trade agreements. In addition MIC OCS makes it easier to generate and track origin requests through various options including a web front end application for suppliers (supply chain solicitation system).

Simply said MIC OCS addresses all legal compliance issues to accurately calculate preferential origin which enables you to reduce duty costs and improve your cash flow.

This gives you the green light for ...

  • Automatic collection of key information for supplier's declaration of origin through interfaces to the company's purchasing system 
  • Automated follow-up process with the supplier, utilizing exception management tools (Supplier Solicitation)
  • Configuration of regulations on origin based on the selected free trade agreement 
  • Automatic application of "de minimis" (tolerance) tariff shift regulations according to NAFTA and EU
  • Processing of 90+ free trade agreements (NAFTA, EU, Asia-Pacific area, South America, etc.) based on bills of materials (Free Trade Agreement Management resp. preferential agreements
  • Integration with MIC’s global trade content service (GTCS) for up-to-date trade content
  • Scalable solution that potentially fits all global origin tracking requirements
  • Use of regional value rule 
  • Proper application of rules of origin for origin calculation
  • Preferred origin determination (for individual products or product lines) 
  • Automatic calculation of origin for extensive, multi-level bills of materials 
  • Top-down and bottom-up calculation
  • Direct import of multi-level bills of materials from customers’ ERP/Manufacturing and WMS systems 
  • Loading of supplier information, item data and prices directly from the purchasing ERP or inventory management system (e.g., SAP-MM, Oracle, JDE, Infor, Dynamics, etc…) 
  • Complete archive for audit purposes 
  • Calculation results for analysis
  • Cross plant & cross system origin calculation
  • Advantage calculation
  • Creation of longterm supplier declarations for customers

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