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Global Trade Content Service - GTCS

Currently, there's no central reserve for the storage of up-to-date trade content including export control lists, exchange rates, code lists needed for customs clearance, tariff schedules and much more. Normally, the process involves individually looking up every separate detail a business requires from multiple data sources, which takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, it can be difficult to locate high-quality sources for the details in the first place - and even then they might not be updated as frequently as you might hope or be kept abreast of rapid changes, which can again lead to breaches of the law.

To overcome this difficulty in finding information, MIC Customs Solutions offers you a global trade content service (GTCS), which is suitable for businesses in a wide range of different sectors.

GTCS aims to act as a repository through which reputable, reliable content providers including national authorities and firms with which MIC holds non-exclusive partnerships can be located. Our customers can easily use the sources that they require and MIC can help them to identify good sources for relevant content, even if that means using more than one at once to guarantee the best source.

The benefits of this are clear: a reduced workload in terms of man-hours spent hunting down rules and regulations and the avoidance of penalties coming from a failure to comply with trade regulations.

This gives you the green light for ...

  • A unified interface and automated updates
  • Managed feeds into the central repository
  • Reduced transferred data volumes through delta feeds
  • Monitored distribution
  • A defined scope of content feed
  • Quality control loads
  • Integration with MIC's GTM platform

You want to know more about GTCS? Contact us:

European Offices
Rainer Roll
Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing
Phone: +43 (0)732 778496

US Offices
Gianluca Romano
Phone: +1 (248) 304 4460


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