Denied Party Screening: MIC DPS

  • Denied party list screening against goods, persons and country lists with screening engine based on configurable screening algorithms
  • EU, US, UN Resolution, UK, JP and many other supported lists
  • Integration into MIC-CUST® Export for shipment blocking in case of positive screening result
  • Full audit trail of screening results

Export Control: MIC ECM

  • License determination
  • Export control classification (AL, ECCN) with link to MIC CCS
  • EU and US regulations incl. EAR, ITAR and OFAC
  • Embargos and sanctions
  • Determination of End-Use and End-User
  • Integration into MIC-CUST® Export for shipment blocking in case of export control violations
  • Full audit trail

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Best Business Award 2015

Export Control & Denied Party Screening - MIC ECM

The management of export control is burdensome. Exporters have to stick to a lot of complex and regularly changing export control regulations covering denied party (sanction) list screening, license determination, classification (AL, ECCN) and many more. Traders struggle to effectively fulfill all those requirements without having the right tools in place.

Increase your compliance with MIC Export Control Management (ECM) software.

MIC ECM helps you automate and monitor the complicated export compliance functions and processes that are involved with export control issues. It provides you with a broad spectrum of functionalities e.g. the screening of numerous sanction lists at any time required, integration into various ERP systems, regular updates of the lists, identification of licensable goods or audit trails. MIC ECM simply reduces risks and costs associated with global trade and it supports you to keep track of the entire process to ensure absolute transparency.

This gives you the green light for ...

  • Daily up-to-date denied party (sanction) list due to integration with MIC’s global trade content service (GTCS) for 150+ countries with interfaces to selected content Partners (e.g. Mendel Verlag, national authorities etc.)
  • Maintaining of internal black lists, white (good) lists and positive lists
  • Stopwords 
  • Manual screening and follow-up processes
  • Web-service and batch screening interfaces
  • A complete audit trail of screening results
  • Identification of licensing requirements
  • Associating a license with a specific product and country
  • Flagging controlled components
  • Storing unlimited attributes related to Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN), licensing, other governmental agency requirements, etc... for use in the export process
  • Entering license information manually or automatically via customer specific logic
  • Being able to store, track and identify time, value and quantity limitations associated with licenses
  • Being able to store key data elements for the license: license number, issue date, expiration date, quantity limitations, value limitations
  • Automatic shipment blocking in case of violations against export control regulations
  • End use management
  • Archiving of all export control related processes
  • Overview of the entire process and therefore clear transparency (Workflow & Escalation management)
  • Content management according the latest export control regulations

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