Sample of supported preferential agreements

  • EUPAN (Pan-Europe)
  • EUPAA (Pan-Europe 2)
  • EUIT (EU - Israel, Tunisia)
  • AFTA
  • FZ (Free Zone)
  • TAFTA (Thailand - Australia)
  • KR-US
  • USA - Australia
  • USA - Chile
  • Mercosur
  • MX-EU
  • MX-CO
  • ...
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Benefit from preferential agreements resp. free trade agreements - MIC OCS

Today, a lot of different preferential agreements resp. free trade agreements (FTAs) exist. For companies, FTAs provide tremendous opportunities to save costs and improve their international operations. However, only few companies are exploiting these benefits.

In order to benefit from preferential treatment, and hence from reduced or exempted import duties, a company has to fulfill the rules of origin. Therefore the exporting company has to prove the origin of its exported product(s) which requires a certificate of origin before preferential documents are authenticated.

MIC Customs Solutions provides you with the tools to benefit from FTAs.

MIC OCS, our origin calculation system, enables you to solicit and store origin data from suppliers and to calculate origin for manufactured products. Moreover, you can store and process rules of origin for an unlimited number of unique preferential /free trade agreements. MIC OCS' supply chain solicitation system makes it easier to generate and track origin requests through various options including a web front end application for suppliers.

Like that you can easily reduce your duty costs and improve your cash flow.

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