MIC Global Trade Management (GTM) Software for Global Customs & Trade Compliance Processes


In the rapidly expanding global economy, multinational companies have the opportunity to reduce international customs and trade compliance costs by accelerating the movement of goods to achieve both short-term and long-term competitive advantages. However, the appropriate Global Trade Management / GTM software must be in place and fully integrated with a company’s overall IT infrastructure (e.g. ERP Host System) and its customs and trade compliance business processes in order to increase efficiency, ensure transparency, minimize compliance risk, and save on costs.

MIC provides a high-quality, user-friendly, web-based suite of software products which can be implemented and deployed in a modular manner. Our software is continuously improved, refined and tailored to meet the needs of many different industries. Enhancements are propelled by business best practices and aligned with the constantly evolving regional and national legal requirements. MIC software solutions drive the efficient management and operation of customs processes while maintaining compliance with legal requirements. In addition, our data analytics & visualization tool enables improved decision making by identifying optimization potentials and supply chain trends across global customs and trade compliance processes. As a result, global business processes can be designed and automated more efficiently. This not only increases compliance, but also saves time, money and increases global competitiveness.

MIC specializes in the implementation and integration of GTM software and offers configurable international customs and trade compliance software solutions to legally comply with local, regional and national requirements for many countries and regions around the globe. All of this is fully supported and serviced by our global support team providing 24/7 assistance, in accordance with ITIL standards as well as by standardized IT interfaces to ERP or other source systems (like SAP via MIC SAP Interfaces).

Our customs software & global trade compliance solutions

Customs (Self) Filing

Are you looking for automated electronic import and export clearance processes incl. special customs regimes and inventory management? We offer a unique customs & trade compliance software solution on one single technical platform directly interfacing with the appropriate governmental system – for more than 55 countries.

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Central Product Classification

You are struggling with inconsistent product customs tariff & export control classifications! Increase your degree of automation for assignment of customs tariff & export control classification to products based on user-validated selection and matching rules, decision trees and suggestion algorithms utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML).

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Free Trade Agreement Management

You really want to benefit from the advantages provided by free trade agreements? Discover our origin calculation software solution for automated preferential and non-preferential origin calculation for over 250 free trade agreements worldwide including an efficient supplier solicitation process management via web portal.

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Export Controls

Is export control challenging you? We provide you with a software solution that allows for central check of business transactions as required by export law, including screening against sanction lists, embargo checks, end user/end use check resp. dual-use reviews, identification of licensing requirements and license management.

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Intrastat Reporting

Decide for one solution to cover all EU member states! We provide the only available software package on the market that offers an efficient and economical solution for Intrastat declarations in all EU member states.

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Excise Tax

Interested in an optimal software solution to file with the excise movement and control system (EMCS) ? We offer an EU-wide single platform that allows direct electronic data transfer with the authority systems of the individual EU states. 

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Data Analytics & Visualization

You want to make better decisions and optimize your companies’ worldwide customs processes? MIC Data Analytics & Visualization collects, translates and transforms data from different sources into readable language according to WCO, EU and country-specific data sets. In context with trade content (e.g. customs tariffs, FTAs), these data sets turn into usable information that enables businesses to determin new optimization potentials.

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MIC's one-stop-shop for global customs & trade compliance software solutions offers many benefits


Saving potential

for time and costs of customs clearance with globally tested best-practice software solutions


Global Trade Content Services

for the different customs and trade compliance processes in 150+ countries – updated automatically on a regular basis in the software solutions


One GTM Source System with

1 Database, 1 Graphical User Interface, and 1 consistent Maintenance & Support Service – Globally


Direct electronic

data exchange with reporting systems of national customs authorities without any additional implementation partner


Less effort

through increased process automation and therefore minimization of manual data entries and corrections


MIC Customs Software & Global Trade Compliance Solutions

can be used individually or in combination as part of the Global Trade Management suite – this includes the whole world of software solutions for customs and trade compliance


Innovative edge

by direct contact to WCO, EU, national customs authorities and professional organizations


Optimized customs

supply chain accelerates logistics processes and increases legal certainty with less personnel costs


Investment in one system

with standardized IT interfaces to ERP systems (SAP certified) or other source systems delivered by one single provider


Increased flexibility

for changing business conditions and legal requirements with MIC's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) / Cloud solution


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