Customs Clearance Software Solution for China

e-Port via China Single Window


As each customs authority system of the various countries worldwide has special requirements referring to customs filing (e.g. country-specific electronic filing formats), MIC aims to provide standardized customs compliance software solutions together with the country-specific customs filing requirements for the country of customs declaration. And that’s exactly what MIC does – offering MIC-CUST® specifically for the Chinese market.

In 2018, MIC implemented an electronic data exchange with the Chinese Single Window platform to facilitate customs clearance processes for your business. The Chinese specific software solution MIC-CUST® enables an automated creation of import declarations that meet the requirements of the Chinese customs authority. The next step will be to introduce MIC-CUST® for the automated export clearance process to create export declarations. Moreover, it is planned to implement special customs regimes like processing trade together with an efficient inventory management.

Take advantage of MIC's software solutions for China, as they not only demand high cost and time savings, but also enable compliance with the customs regulations of the Chinese market.

MIC’s customs solutions for China

Additional information
  • Customs administration's system name: e-Port via China Single Window
  • Customs administration's link: 
  • Customer references: Volvo Cars Corporation, ...
  • Broker interface: MIC-CUST® also supports the customs clearance with the Chinese customs administration's system via broker interface
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