Brexit and the CHIEF Replacement

The current outcome and timings on the Brexit negotiations are uncertain, but one aspect is clear: it will have a serious impact on your Customs and Trade Compliance setup (please see infographic as well). In addition, you and your team need to prepare on the upcoming CHIEF replacement with the new Customs Declaration Service (scheduled go-live January 2019). Time is ticking….

CDS timeline at a glance


Decommissioning CHIEF

The exact date for decommissioning CHIEF and when its availability will be ceased will be communicated in the run of 2019. It is important to notice that all traders will need to ensure they have migrated by this point.

Getting Ready for the switch from CHIEF to CDS

All businesses that import and export goods from and to the UK need to get ready for CDS and be prepared. Currently all companies are using CHIEF. After the transition from CHIEF to CDS they will still be able to do the same things with CDS as they did with CHIEF, but with some differences.

CHIEF will still be available for a certain period of time while businesses is switching to CDS to ensure that trade continues to flow as usual. For more information on the Customs Declaration Service (CDS), please visit the CDS page on GOV.UK.

MIC – Your provider for software to exchange data with the new Custom Declaration Service (CDS) and more

Many global companies decided to implement MICs global customs & trade compliance software solutions from which many of our customers are using our solutions in the UK since more than a decade as well. MIC is certified in the UK for the electronic data exchange with the UK customs authority system (CHIEF) since 1999 and will be ready on time for the upcoming new Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

The MIC Customs & Trade Compliance Software Solutions offer a functional rich and proven suite of modules to support you and your team on the following areas:

  • Global Trade Content Services (MIC GTCS) for the different customs & trade compliance processes (e.g. tariff content, sanction lists, exchange rates) covering 150+ countries – updated automatically on a regular basis in MICs software suite.
  • Central Classification System (MIC CCS) supporting companies in automating the tariff and export control classification process with rule-based and intelligent algorithms in order to achieve consistent classification over all products globally and therefore increase compliance and reduce workload & costs.
  • Origin Calculation System (MIC OCS) for automated management of supplier declarations via an innovative supplier web-portal and automated preferential origin calculation with full audit trail for 90+ Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).
  • Global Filing Solution for automated electronic export and import customs clearance processes (MIC-CUST®) with local customs authorities’ systems in 55+ countries on 6 continents incl. special regimes like Inward Processing Relief (IPR), Bonded Warehouse (BWH), Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), Free Zone (FZ) and its related legally required customs inventory management.
  • Export Control Management (MIC ECM) for central monitoring of all company transactions under export control law and detailed checks of the business transactions with respect to the relevant regulations. This includes screening of persons and organizations involved in a given transaction against different sanctions lists, checking against embargoed countries, control of goods related to end use and dual-use as well as license determination and license management.

All MIC Modules can either work separately or in combination with each other. Independent on the chosen deployment there will be a seamless integration with your ERP and other logistics and finance systems. MIC is your One-Stop-Shop for Global-Trade-Management.

MIC guides you through the transition to CDS by providing the perfect software solution for CDS. Prepare for the switch from CHIEF to CDS and choose the best option for Customs & Trade Compliance.

If you would like to receive more information on how MIC could help you, please let us know by sending an e-mail to and we will contact you shortly.