Customs managers 'cannot be an afterthought'

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People responsible for navigating the complex world of customs must be equipped to do so, one organization has said.

Businesses that want to successfully trade on a global scale must have customs managers in place and ensure they are equipped to do their jobs, one organization has stressed.

To mark the launch of its online UK Customs Academy, the Institute of Export and International Trade (IEIT) explained in a video the importance of professional customs skills and knowledge, particularly in our interconnected global economy.

It said that with a complex network of freight agents, importers, brokers and other key players, customs managers have a hectic job in ensuring compliance and the efficient movement of goods across borders.

However, the organization said, many such global trade professionals are an afterthought when it comes to business planning, with many having fallen into their roles as part of a wider job description and often without much training or interest.

The IEIT warned this is something that must change if businesses want to boost their profits and ensure they adhere to the law.

"Customs managers cannot be an afterthought. Customs managers need to be empowered," the video reiterated.

The advice collated by the organization suggested customs professionals need three things to keep on top of their role, with the first being the necessary tools to stay up to date with current government regulations.

The second was sufficient and continuous training - rather than one-day workshops here and there - and finally, the third element listed was support, whether that is in the form of guidance documents, help with applications or through other methods.

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