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Embrace new logistics tech - but don't neglect the essentials

New technology to simplify importing and exporting may be tempting - but you might want to ensure everything else is in order, first.

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Continuity deal between UK and South Korea is signed - what next for trade?

The UK and South Korea have signed a continuity Free Trade Agreement. What does this mean, exactly?

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Australian and Hong Kong FTA enters next stage of preparation

The Australia - Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement is to be examined by the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties on the final part of its journey into what will hopefully become law.

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EU-US trade deal may be close - without tariffs on cars

The European Union and the US may be able to reach a trade agreement that does not have a negative impact on the automotive industry.

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HMRC takes steps to prevent customs chaos post-Brexit

HMRC has stepped in to ensure businesses are readying themselves for Brexit.

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Thailand's exports rise unexpectedly

Thailand's export data has proved far better than expected.

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UK launches online Customs Academy

Britain is offering online resources to businesses that want to brush up on their customs expertise.

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Trade uncertainty 'could lower world's GDP'

The world economy could be worth less by 2021 if current trade wars continue, a think tank has warned.

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Turkey and Ukraine eager to sign FTA

Ukraine and Turkey could be next on the list to sign a free trade agreement.

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Donald Trump threatens US withdrawal from WTO

Could the US be ready to pull out of the WTO?