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HMRC assesses business cost of no-deal Brexit

More customs forms for businesses after Brexit could equate to greater costs, HMRC warns.

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Creative origin classification can circumvent tariffs - but be careful

A law expert has provided tips on reducing the impact of tariffs, but caution is always advised.

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Boris Johnson to deliver Brexit ultimatum

A keynote speech will see Boris Johnson lay down the law to EU Brexit negotiators.

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India bans export of onions 'with immediate effect'

No more onions can come out of India for the foreseeable future.

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US 'wants FTA with Iceland'

A new free trade deal could arise between the US and Iceland, it has been claimed.

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Japan and US sign limited trade deal - what's next?

Japan and the US have at last signed a free trade agreement, albeit a limited one.

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Incoterms 2020: What are they and how do they apply to businesses?

The ICC has issued revisions to its Incoterms, but what exactly are they and how do they apply to global trade?

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Spanish olive oil exports to US boom ahead of WTO tariff decision

There has been a surge in Spanish olive oil heading to America as buyers opt to stockpile the product.

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UK and Australia commit to FTA negotiations 'as soon as possible' post-Brexit

Britain and Australia want quick results once they can negotiate an FTA after Brexit, the UK's international trade secretary has said.

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More negotiations for RCEP - but will India join?

The deadline for the conclusion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is approaching, but will India be a part of it?