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'Play it safe' when trading abroad, businesses urged

Trading abroad can be hugely beneficial, but only with the right preparation, an expert has said.

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UK agrees trade continuity agreement with Africa

The Southern African Customs Union and Mozambique have agreed to a post-Brexit deal with Britain.

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China exempts selected tariffs on US goods

China has removed tariffs from some American goods for the first time since their trade war began.

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Turkish car exports enjoy significant increase to EU

The European Union proved instrumental in growth in Turkey's automotive export market this summer.

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Tech groups urge US to sign USMCA

Some of the biggest tech companies in the US are keen to see the USMCA go through.

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No-deal Brexit law gets royal assent

It is now illegal for a no-deal Brexit to take place, except under two conditions.

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Egypt keen to increase trade of pharmaceuticals with Africa

More medicinal products could be making their way to African countries from Egypt.

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China complains to WTO over US tariffs

An official complaint has been made to the World Trade Organization by China.

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Embrace new logistics tech - but don't neglect the essentials

New technology to simplify importing and exporting may be tempting - but you might want to ensure everything else is in order, first.

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Continuity deal between UK and South Korea is signed - what next for trade?

The UK and South Korea have signed a continuity Free Trade Agreement. What does this mean, exactly?