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EU and Vietnam sign historic FTA

The EU and Vietnam have agreed upon a deal that should facilitate trade.

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EU-Mercosur trade deal could be completed in weeks - what will this mean?

As a trade agreement between several South American countries and the EU apparently nears conclusion, what will be the impact on trade for both sides?

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Is the World Trade Organization still relevant?

There has been much talk about WTO reforms, but is its time actually up?

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RCEP faces stumbling block amid Chinese frustrations with India

China has threatened to cut India out of the RCEP agreement. What could this mean for the future?

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Singapore struggles as trade wars continue

Trade wars and reduced demand for electronics have contributed to a fall in exports from Singapore.

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UK supports WTO reform at G20 meeting

The UK's trade minister is among those hoping for resolution of the WTO's problems.

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Nigeria to enter African Free Trade Agreement?

It has been claimed that Nigeria will enter the African Continental Free Trade Area this summer.

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Companies 'may be underestimating risk' of lack of customs compliance

The risk of failing to comply with customs laws can be greater than many companies think, one legal expert has said.

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South Korea signs FTA with Britain

Another continuity agreement has been agreed, this time between Britain and South Korea.

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British exports hit record high

The UK exported more products than ever before in the 12 months to April 2019.