Legislation | 31 March 2016

What benefits will the EU and Canada's CETA agreement bring?

The EU and Canada are moving towards a closer international trade relationship with their new Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, which will bring benefits for businesses in both regions.

Industry News | 30 March 2016

EU-India trade negotiations 'unlikely to lead to breakthrough'

Officials in India and the EU are urging caution against expectations of major progress during the current trade summit between the two regions.

Legislation | 29 March 2016

New US-Argentina trade and investment deal agreed

A bilateral trade and investment framework agreement has been signed between the US and Argentina.

Industry News | 24 March 2016

RCEP negotiations to take continue in Australia in April

The next round of RCEP negotiations will be taking place in April in Australia, according to an Indian official.

Legislation | 23 March 2016

New figures show positive impact of US-Korea FTA on animal product sales

US animal product sales to South Korea have risen since the introduction of a free trade agreement four years ago.

Industry News | 22 March 2016

US and Philippines discuss expansion of trade relationship

The US and the Philippines have entered into a discussion over a potential expansion of the trade relationship between the two countries.

Imports and Exports | 21 March 2016

India's exports and imports see further decline in February

India's export figures have declined for the 15th consecutive month, while imports also fell.

Industry News | 18 March 2016

NFU warns against import/export risk of Brexit

Pulling out of the EU could have a considerable impact on UK imports and exports, the NFU has warned.

Imports and Exports | 18 March 2016

FSB calls for govt support on exports

Increased support for the UK's small businesses to bolster exports has been called for by the FSB.

Industry News | 4 March 2016

British exporters 'in favour of remaining in EU'

Most British businesses are in favour of staying in the EU, particularly those that invest heavily in exports.