Industry News | 18 March 2016

NFU warns against import/export risk of Brexit

Pulling out of the EU could have a considerable impact on UK imports and exports, the NFU has warned.

Imports and Exports | 18 March 2016

FSB calls for govt support on exports

Increased support for the UK's small businesses to bolster exports has been called for by the FSB.

Industry News | 4 March 2016

British exporters 'in favour of remaining in EU'

Most British businesses are in favour of staying in the EU, particularly those that invest heavily in exports.

Imports and Exports | 3 March 2016

Australia reduces trade deficit in January

Australia's trade deficit narrowed to $2.9 billion in January 2016, as exports grew and imports declined during the month.

Industry News | 2 March 2016

Global trade slowdown persists in final quarter of 2015

International trade among G20 nations continued to contract during the fourth quarter of 2015.

Legislation | 1 March 2016

EU and Canada agree new approach to investment regulation

The EU has agreed a new approach to investment protection and dispute settlement with Canada.

Legislation | 1 March 2016

What will the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership mean for business?

Talks continue over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a new trade agreement between the US and EU that will have a wide variety of implications for businesses.

Legislation | 29 February 2016

How will the lifting of Iranian sanctions affect global trade?

The global community is relaxing some of its sanctions on Iran, a move that will have a number of implications for international trade.

Imports and Exports | 26 February 2016

FTAs 'have generated import and export growth for India'

New government data has shown how free trade agreements have bolstered import and export figures for India over the last few years.

Legislation | 25 February 2016

Profiling the new US Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act

The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act was recently passed into law by the US Congress, strengthening IP, environment and labour standards in the country and paving the way for the introduction of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.