Legislation | 6 January 2016

Australia introduces tariff reductions via FTAs with China and Korea

New tariff reductions have taken effect in Australia under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement and Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Legislation | 5 January 2016

New EU-Ukraine free trade agreement comes into force

A new free trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine has come into force, potentially creating new opportunities for businesses in both territories.

Industry News | 4 January 2016

UK and Irish companies 'optimistic about 2016 business performance'

UK and Irish companies are showing the highest level of optimism in the EU, with international trade performance expected to be healthy in 2016.

Legislation | 31 December 2015

Landmark deal struck to scrap tariffs on IT products

A landmark deal to eliminate tariffs on 201 IT products valued at more than $1.3 trillion per year has been agreed by members of the World Trade Organization.

Imports and Exports | 29 December 2015

US report highlights growth of trade with China since 2001

A new report has highlighted the growth of the trade relationship between the US and China since the latter's accession to the World Trade Organization.

Industry News | 21 December 2015

Is more progress needed in eliminating global trade restrictions?

A new report from the World Trade Organization has suggested that countries need to be doing more to eliminate global trade restrictions at a more rapid pace.

Legislation | 17 December 2015

Talks over India-EU free trade deal 'to begin again in January'

Talks over a new free trade agreement between India and the EU will recommence next month.

Imports and Exports | 16 December 2015

Indian imports and exports experience contraction in November

India experienced its 12th consecutive month of declines in exports during November, with imports also taking a sharp fall.

Imports and Exports | 15 December 2015

German imports and exports decline in October 2015

German exports and imports have both seen a decline in October 2015, according to the latest official data.

Legislation | 14 December 2015

What's next for the US/China trade relationship?

The most recent US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade has outlined a number of key priorities for the evolving trade relationship between the two countries.