Industry News | 22 July 2016

UK opens new trade discussions with India and China

The UK has held talks with China and India in the last few weeks as the country seeks to strengthen its trade ties with Asia.

Industry News | 21 July 2016

US launches WTO challenge against Chinese export restraints

The US has launched a challenge at the World Trade Organization to tackle China's export restraints on a number of key raw materials.

Legislation | 19 July 2016

USITC report highlights positive impact of trade agreements

A new US International Trade Commission report has shed light on the positive impact that trade agreements have had on the US economy over the last few decades.

Industry News | 18 July 2016

Australia 'will seek post-Brexit free trade deal with UK'

Australia is among the countries to seek a free trade agreement with UK after it leaves the European Union.

Imports and Exports | 15 July 2016

China sees bigger-than-expected trade performance slump in June

China's international trade figures slumped by a greater-than-expected margin during June, according to the latest official data.

Legislation | 14 July 2016

Exploring the benefits of the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement

The EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement recently marked its fifth anniversary since coming into effect, prompting the release of a report highlighting the considerable benefits it has delivered in that time.

Legislation | 12 July 2016

Canada and Ukraine sign free trade agreement

Canada and Ukraine have signed a new free trade agreement that is expected to deliver economic benefits for both countries.

Imports and Exports | 11 July 2016

US trade deficit widens more than expected in May

The US trade deficit has seen a ten per cent increase during May 2016, as imports rose and exports fell during the month.

Legislation | 7 July 2016

EU-Canada trade deal to be submitted for parliamentary approval

The European Commission has confirmed that it will be seeking parliamentary approval for the proposed trade deal with Canada.

Legislation | 5 July 2016

Fears arise that Brexit could scupper EU-Singapore trade deal

Concerns have been raised that the UK's departure from the EU could jeopardise the planned free trade agreement between the EU and Singapore.