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Brexit negotiations appear to reach stalemate

There was no progress on Brexit in London this month.

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Turkish tea exports soar amid lockdown

Turkish tea is benefiting from people spending more time at home.

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Could Algeria-EU trade deal crumble days ahead of deadline?

With just a week to go, is the Algeria-EU trade deal dead in the water?

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India brings in new enforcement measures for rules of origin

By checking shipments more carefully at customs, India hopes to weed out those that are flouting rules of origin laws.

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US customs to bring in new ruling to tackle counterfeiting

Section 321 is to be amended to prevent counterfeiters taking advantage of a legal loophole.

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India to begin second phase of faceless customs assessment rollout

Delhi and Mumbai will now begin faceless customs assessments for certain imports.

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Japan lifts import ban on Polish poultry

Japan is allowing Polish poultry products to be imported again.

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WTO sets up review panel on Indian ICT tariffs

A complaint about India's tech tariffs has prompted the World Trade Organization to respond.

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Canada and US go tit-for-tat over aluminum

Canada has said it will retaliate after the US put new tariffs on its metal products.

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Thailand halts LPG imports for remainder of 2020

Thailand has taken action to reduce a surplus of liquefied petroleum gas building up during the pandemic.