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Proposed settlement for revised UK membership of EU sees mixed response

Proposals for a new settlement for the UK to remain in the EU have been met with a mixed reaction among UK politicians.

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Renewed talks over India-EU FTA 'likely to be delayed'

A delay to FTA discussions between India and the EU is looking increasingly likely.

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UKTI unveils new cross-government scheme to boost British exports

UK Trade & Investment has unveiled a new cross-government initiative aimed at bolstering British exports, while overseeing and coordinating performance in this area.

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Will UK international trade investment rise as economy strengthens - or not?

The UK economy strengthened in 2015, but it remains unclear whether or not this will encourage more companies to invest in international trade.

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Examining the US business case for approving the TPP

With the recent ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the US government is seeking to outline the benefits of implementing the measure at a local level.

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Japan narrows annual trade deficit in 2015

Japan's annual trade deficit narrowed in 2015, though international trading conditions in the Asian nation have remained challenging.

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China and GCC outline plan for comprehensive FTA in 2016

A new free trade agreement between China and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf has been planned for 2016.

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Relaxation on sanctions 'could help build UK-Iran trade links'

The relaxation of economic and financial sanctions on Iran could open up new commercial trade opportunities for UK businesses.

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India and EU hold meeting to discuss recommencing FTA talks

India and the EU have held a meeting to determine what steps need to be taken to recommence formal talks over a free trade agreement between the regions.

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Chinese international trade declines by less than expected in December

China's exports and imports fell by much less than expected in December 2015, although international trade conditions for the sector remain challenging.