Imports and Exports | 9 February 2018

China sees better-than-expected trade performance in January 2018

China's imports and exports saw higher-than-expected growth during January 2018.

Imports and Exports | 7 February 2018

US trade deficit continues to widen as import growth outpaces exports

The US trade deficit widened more than expected in December to its highest level since 2008, with imports growing faster than exports during the month.

Legislation | 5 February 2018

Japan 'keen to maintain open dialogue to prevent trade friction with US'

A new report has indicated that Japan is seeking to maintain an open dialogue with the US on trade to prevent any friction from arising, although concerns remain over the prospect.

Brexit | 2 February 2018

How should businesses prepare for the switch from CHIEF to CDS?

UK-based businesses that import or export goods outside the EU need to prepare for the imminent introduction of a new system for declarations.

Brexit | 2 February 2018

UK leaders offer mixed messages on potential post-Brexit customs union

UK leaders have offered contrasting statements on whether or not the UK will pursue a customs union arrangement with the EU after Brexit.

Imports and Exports | 30 January 2018

New trade barometer predicts moderate increase in world trade

Data from the new DHL Global Trade Barometer has predicted a moderate increase in world trade over the next three months.

Legislation | 30 January 2018

Donald Trump stokes potential trade conflict between US and EU

US president Donald Trump has accused the EU of being "very unfair" in its trade policies, provoking a strong response from Europe.

Legislation | 29 January 2018

EU report highlights broad benefits of Generalized Scheme of Preferences

A new EU report has highlighted the positive impact the Generalized Scheme of Preferences is having in promoting economic development and human rights.

Legislation | 26 January 2018

Revived Trans-Pacific Partnership set to move ahead amid potential US interest

Progress towards a new-look Trans-Pacific Partnership is back on track, with all 11 remaining nations now committed to moving ahead with the deal - and the US opening the door to a possible return.

Imports and Exports | 25 January 2018

US vows to continue push for 'fairer' global trade in 2018

The US has committed to continuing its efforts to oppose trading practices it sees as unfair during 2018.