Legislation | 15 January 2019

EC urged to push through trade deal between EU and Vietnam

An open letter asks the EC to hurry in making official the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement.

Legislation | 9 January 2019

Benefits of CETA already evident in UK

British businesses are already enjoying duty-free trade with Canada, figures have shown.

Imports and Exports | 9 January 2019

Turkish steel exports up, despite protectionist climate

More steel came from Turkey last year, new figures have revealed.

Imports and Exports | 8 January 2019

Pakistan's coal imports 'to surge by 2020'

Pakistan is expected to be buying more coal in the coming year.

Brexit | 8 January 2019

HMRC: Still 'much to do' in time for CDS rollout

An HMRC spokesperson has acknowledged that the new Customs Declaration System may not be ready as early as previously thought.

Imports and Exports | 2 January 2019

Turkey reports decrease in imports

Imports to Turkey were lower during the last part of 2018, figures have revealed.

Legislation | 2 January 2019

Abu Dhabi scraps customs tax for selected imports

There will be no more customs tax on some products going into Abu Dhabi.

Industry News | 19 December 2018

Digital technologies: What will be the future impact on trade?

The World Trade Organization believes technology is going to be the next big revolution in trade.

Legislation | 19 December 2018

UK and Switzerland, EU and Japan approve new trade deals

The UK and Switzerland have come to a trade agreement, as have Japan and the European Union.

Legislation | 19 December 2018

25 years of the Maastricht Treaty - What is its legacy and what will it become?

The Maastricht Treaty was 25 years old this year. What exactly was it and does it have a future in the reshuffled European bloc?