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Malaysia halts sand exports to Singapore

A ban on sand exports from Malaysia to Singapore has just come to light.

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South Korea calls on Japan to remove export restrictions

South Korea's president has reached out to Japan concerning trade restrictions.

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Iranian president signs agreement on free trade zone with EAEU

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani seems keen to kick-start trade with the nations of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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WTO: No-deal Brexit would not result in tariff-free trade with EU

Boris Johnson is wrong about tariff-free trading after a no-deal Brexit, Roberto Azevedo has said.

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Trade wars 'could shipwreck global economy'

Trade wars could be more damaging than most people realise, Mark Carney has said.

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US threatens EU with more tariffs amid aircraft subsidy row

A disagreement over aircraft subsidies could have a knock-on effect for EU and American businesses trading together.

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Nigeria 'to sign AfCFTA agreement this weekend'

Nigeria could become a member of the African FTA sooner than anticipated.

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EU and Vietnam sign historic FTA

The EU and Vietnam have agreed upon a deal that should facilitate trade.

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EU-Mercosur trade deal could be completed in weeks - what will this mean?

As a trade agreement between several South American countries and the EU apparently nears conclusion, what will be the impact on trade for both sides?

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Is the World Trade Organization still relevant?

There has been much talk about WTO reforms, but is its time actually up?