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Carbon border tariffs: How would they work and how may they affect businesses?

Could imports one day be subject to taxes over their environmental cost?

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EU and India try again to bridge trade gaps - will it work this time?

India and the EU have a long and rocky relationship when it comes to trade agreements, but that might be about to change.

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UK-Japan trade deal could be in place before 2020 ends - so what will it involve?

Boris Johnson is reportedly eager to rush through a trade deal with Japan, but is this going to be possible in practice?

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Greece looks forward to more trade with Vietnam after FTA signing

Greece seems especially excited at the prospect of the EVFTA.

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Brexit: What's next as UK 'crosses finish line'?

As things stand, the UK will leave the European bloc next week. So, what's next?

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Turkey and Morocco agree to review their FTA

The FTA between Turkey and Morocco is to be revised after rumblings of discontent from north Africa.

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IMF downgrades forecast for economic growth

The IMF has released some gloomy figures on the world economy.

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India plans to get tough on uncategorised imports

India wants to stop imports coming in as 'other' if it is not really necessary.

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US and China sign 'phase one' trade deal

There was positivity between China and the US this week as a new agreement was signed.

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India credits new tech with customs clearance improvements

IT dashboards are making the customs process more streamlined in Indian cities.