Are you sure what your products’ origin is? MIC software solutions ensure the correct calculation of preferential origin of manufactured goods!

Webinar | 12 March 2021

Webinar Asian Region - 1:30 PM IST / 3 PM ICT / 4 PM CST / 5 PM JST / 9 AM CET

The increase of regional and bi-lateral free trade agreements (FTA) provides exciting opportunities for significant savings of customs duties and indirect taxes. These savings must only be realized if compliance with the corresponding complex, product specific origin determination regulations can be ensured. 

The basis for a compliant, reliable and efficient FTA process is an efficient process for managing supplier declarations and a precise calculation of the preferential origin, leveraging all possibilities provided by the FTAs. The MIC Origin Calculation System (OCS) delivers this precision. It provides you with the tools to solicit and store origin data from suppliers and to calculate the origin of manufactured products for a multitude of FTAs.  

Each process step is traceable via a complete audit trail.  Changes in the originating status of the goods are reliably detected, affected goods are recalculated and thus compliance is maintained on an ongoing basis.  

In this webinar we’ll show you the tools implemented in OCS that support you end-to-end in managing the origin of your manufactured goods. 

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