5th Edition of Supply Chain Innovation Summit / Supply Chain & Logistics 4.0

Events | 9 - 10 June 2022 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The Supply Chain Innovation Summit is taking place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. MIC is among the exhibitors of this in person event.

Key topics covered are:

  • Game Changing Enabler for Supply Chain Management in Post Covid World
  • How the Pandemic Has Accelerated the Adoption of Critical Digital Transformation Throughout the Supply Chain at Pfizer
  • Making Customer Centricity a Pillar of Supply Chain Strategy
  • Pandemic, Trade Wars, Climate Change and More – Navigating a Decade of Disruption
  • Attracting the Next Generation of Supply Chain Leaders
  • Shell’s Procurement digitalization journey’
  • Challenges and Solutions in Complex Supply Chains – Innovations for Sustainable Competitive Advantage – e.g. to Mitigate Global Chip Shortage
  • Change Management in the Journey from S&Op to IBP

We are very much looking forward to meeting you at this event.

Link to event page!