Using Free Trade Agreements as a Strategic Management Tool - MIC OCS helps to ensure that you enjoy the benefits offered by FTAs!

Webinaires | 11 octobre 2022

4 PM CET / 3 PM GMT / 10 AM EST / 7 AM PST - Ce webinaire est en anglais

The proliferation of regional and bi-lateral free trade agreements (FTA) provides increasing opportunities for companies like significant savings of customs duties and indirect taxes. These savings can only be realized if compliance with the corresponding complex, product specific origin determination regulations can be ensured.

The basis for a compliant, reliable, and efficient FTA process is on the one hand a proper supplier solicitation process and at on the other hand a precise calculation of preferential origin. The MIC Origin Calculation System (OCS) delivers both, it provides you with the tools to solicit and store origin data from suppliers AND to calculate the origin of manufactured products.

In this webinar, our experts Stephan Brandmair (Sales Manager EMEA) and Anita Kunze (Technical Presales Consultant EMEA) will show you the functionalities that are implemented in OCS to support you to efficiently solicit and store origin documentation from suppliers and for an optimized origin of manufactured goods calculation.

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