World FZO 7th Annual International Conference & Exhibition (AICE) - online

Events | 21 - 24 Juni 2021 | Virtuell


In the world’s economic landscape, Free Zones hold a niche position. Their importance is increasing in the context of the growing interdependency among nations and among business entities. As an integral part of the global value chains, Free Zones perform a remarkable economic function. Also, FZs’ economic rationale and operations are somewhat distinctive.

Among the various topics of this online event you'll also find 'FREE ZONES AND CUSTOMS – TOWARDS RENEWED PARTNERSHIP'. 

The symbiotic relationship between FZs and Customs is well recognized. As border-control operators, Customs organizations are facilitators, overseers and in some sense, partners of FZs. Yet, there has to be an arms-length, but not adversarial, relationship between the two. This session will explore challenges, if any, to this relationship and opportunities for forging stronger partnership between FZs and Customs that would deliver economic benefits to all stakeholders.

Looking forward to your participation!

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