Joint MIC/CATTS webinar - How to drive Global Trade Compliance while lacking expertise and capacity with SPECIFIC FOCUS TO GREATER CHINA & ASIA

Webinar | 13 April 2023

4 PM CST / 10 AM CET – Das ist ein zweisprachiges Webinar und wird teilweise auf Chinesisch und Englisch gehalten

Joint MIC/CATTS webinar on how to generate the most benefits out of your global customs and trade management solutions when expertise and resources are missing.

Our world becomes more and more volatile, driving the need to global customs and trade compliance, but how do you that when you’re lacking expertise and/or capacity?

5 to 10 years ago, customs and trade compliance were back-office functions, a part of the transport division and often considered as a necessary evil.

Today Companies grow and expand their presence beyond their national borders, creating more complex supply chains, which need to be managed in a compliant and transparent way to move their products safely and in time across all those borders.

New trade flows, including exporting and importing, have the potential to add significant costs through new duties, and taxes, and can have a large impact on customer experience if not properly managed.

As trade organizations grow and increase their horizon, the growth in complexity generates the need for companies to put customs and trade compliance on the agenda and manage these new costs and risks.

But how do you bring this knowledge to your organization when you

  • Have no tools in place (Work Manual)
  • Lack of knowledge and resources
  • Hiring stop

The deployment of a global customs and trade management software solution will provide your organization with a large number of operational, compliance, cost and time saving benefits.

The setup, roll-out and daily operation of the GTM solution could be an intensive ongoing process that stretches your organization.

In this webinar, experts from MIC and CATTS will explain in 3 case studies how our customers have addressed these challenges and answer your questions in a Q&A session. You can send your questions already now to [email protected]

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